Vow Renewal Article

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One of the nice things about a vow renewal is you can do it pretty much any way you want to.  It can be the two of you alone in a romantic, meaningful spot, or you can celebrate with hundreds of guests.

Some of the reasons couples like to do vow renewals:

– It’s just romantic!

They’ve had some difficult times in their marriage and want to celebrate making it through and    reaffirm their commitment.

Their first wedding didn’t go so well and they want a "do over".

They couldn’t afford much at their first wedding and now they want to go all out.

– To celebrate an anniversary; 1st, 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th. Any one will do!

– They only got married in a religious ceremony before and now want to make it legal.

– They only got married in a legal ceremony before and now want a religious ceremony.

– Only a few people were present at the first ceremony and now they want to invite lots of friends and   family.

Some suggestions for vow renewals:

– Have the cover of the invitation be a portrait of your first ceremony.

– Buy new wedding bands or anniversary rings and have them specially engraved.

– Write your own vows. Make them different than that of a first wedding ceremony.

– Show a video or photo clips from your first ceremony and of your life together.

Some "don’ts" for vow renewals:

– Don’t have attendants.

– Don’t register for gifts.

– Don’t throw bachelor or bachelorette parties. (You’re not single again…)

– Don’t do the garter or bouquet toss.

– Don’t recreate your first ceremony.

Some "dos" for vow renewals:

– If you have children, make them a part of the ceremony. Perhaps have a Family Unity Candle   lighting.

– Make this a unique day, different from your first ceremony.

– The bride should walk down the aisle alone or with her husband. Or, have the bride and groom   enter from opposite sides of the room and meet at the altar.

– Use common sense and you probably won’t make any etiquette mistakes!

Make your vow renewal ceremony as personal and creative as you and your spouse would like!  Celebrate each other and your success of a lasting and committed marriage in this world where divorce is so common!