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Oahu’s winter and summer weather is so similar, it’s hard to tell the difference.
Oahu’s most common forecasts are “partly cloudy”and “mostly sunny”! Differences in temperature and rainfall are dependent on elevation across the island. The higher you are, the cooler and wetter it gets. When rain showers occur, they are usually brief and light. The months with the least amount of rainfall on Oahu are May through October, with June and July being the driest.

Oahu’s North Shore is famous for its tremendous waves in the winter months. The biggest waves usually occur between November and March. So, if you are an experienced surfer, keep this in mind when planning your trip to Oahu.

Hurricanes – Hurricanes are relatively rare in the Hawaiian Islands. Only five hurricanes have caused major damage to the Hawaiian Islands since 1950.
Trade Winds – Trade winds are almost always calm in the morning hours. They keep Oahu’s temperature very moderate, not too humid, not too hot. The Trade Winds blow from the northeast typically at about 5-15 miles per hour. They are called Trade Winds because they are so predictable that sailing ships relied on them to plan their trade voyages.
Kona Winds – Kona Winds move in the opposite direction of the trade winds. They
usually bring high humidity and rain, indicating bad weather is soon to arrive. Locals are so tuned in to their environment they can usually smell or feel the changes brought by Kona Winds.
Since the last devastating tsunami hit Maui in 1946, 6 large tsunamis have been recorded in the Hawaiian Islands, and
4 have caused damage on Oahu.
Hawaii has elaborate tsunami emergency evacuation plans which can be found in the phone book.
Average Temperature:

Honolulu – 73°F – 81°F
Lowest Recorded Temperature:
Honolulu –
52°F in 1902
Highest Recorded Temperature:
Honolulu –
95°F in 1994
Honolulu Annual Average – 28.41 inches
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